Chicken Cucumber Salad


Chicken  Cucumber Salad | MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng-2

Lately, I am working on organizing my schedule back to Taiwan for some photo shooting projects. It reminds me many delicious Taiwanese local food. Especially one of those, Sliced Chicken Rice. I can not get rid of it on my mind, even in my dreams. I like Sliced Chicken Rice since I was a child. Pour the chicken sauce on the hot rice, and not forget to bite one piece of the yellow pickled radish. The mixed flavor was so amazing that I will never be tired of it.

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Insider of AIGNER


Aigner Golden Cybill Bag | MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng-5

When I look at the photo that I shot for AIGNER, I am feeling so blessed. It is like a dream comes true. This season, on 27th of February, I will follow the team of AIGNER to go to Milan. Not only attending to the runway show, but also into the backstage to discover the newest trend of hair and makeup style, how models prepare. Hopefully, to catch the head designer of AIGNER, Christian Beck to see how he will feel before the show. Moreover, I will interview Christian Beck after the show to talk about his inspiration and thoughts.

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H&M Shopping Guide


H&M Taiwan | MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng

I read the News that H&M has officially opened their first flagship Store in Taipei, Taiwan. I am happy for the Fashion Lovers in my hometown. Although, H&M is an old face in Europe. Since Ten years ago, when I had moved to Munich, H&M has been accompanying me for different styling periods. Everyone advocates that Affordable Fashion is great. Somehow, most of us do not know how to shopping by Affordable fashion brands and to create good quality looks.

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